• Felix Marc

    Felix Marc is a singer, songwriter, producer, and keyboarder. An active member within the wave music industry since the 1990s and involved in several projects that became popular throughout the years, the most famous ones being Diorama and Frozen Plasma. After having composed music for more than a decade and participated in aforementioned projects, he started only in 2008 to release his first solo album “Pathways” which reflected his personal musical paths from the previous 10 years and which claimed high recognition among the international audience. Alongside the album, the video to the song “Give back the moments” marked the[…]

  • Diorama

    Diorama is a music band from Reutlingen/Germany, brought into being by Torben Wendt in 1996. Diorama’s early works were characterized by an intimate, fragile disposition due to a strong focus on piano and vocal parts. In their further development, influences from gothic/ electro, alternative and rock have been incorporated. With their highly creative, intricate and genre-crossing way of producing music, Diorama have maneuvered  themselves into a stylistic niche that can hardly be narrowed down. Lineup Torben Wendt: music and lyrics, vocals, keys, percussions Felix Marc: co-production, keys, vocals Zura: guitars Marquess: drums   Online Official Website: Diorama @ Facebook[…]

  • Frozen Plasma

    Frozen Plasma was formed in 2005 by Vasi Vallis and Felix Marc, praising the natural progression from Vasi’s former band Namnambulu. Frozen Plasma stands for melancholic and glorifying synthpop with the longing for large audiences and festivals as well as dancefloor filling parties in the clubs around the globe. Lineup Vasi Vallis: music and lyrics, keys Felix Marc: vocals     Online Official Website: Frozen Plasma @ Facebook Discography 2015    Dekadenz 2014    Crazy 2013    Herz 2013    Live At WGT 2012 2009    Tour Monument 2009    Monumentum 2009    Earthling 2009    Club Monument DJ PROMO 2008    Tanz Die Revolution 2006    Warmongers ‎(CDr,[…]

  • Side Projects

    I feel at home in all of the projects I participate in. Their entitlement being different, allows me to wander between aggressive fast songs, melancholic slow songs, and mid-tempo electro pop style. Like a human being changes its mood. And since I am composing best based on personal moods, I can switch to either of the projects – like a chameleon. 2018 Nordika [feat. Felix Marc] – Relocate Nordika [feat. Felix Marc] – One 2015 Nordika [feat. Felix Marc] – Illumination   2012 Mental Discipline [feat. Felix Marc] – Fall to pieces   2011 Mental Discipline [feat. Felix Marc] – Fallen Stars Suicidal Romance [feat. Felix Marc] – Ecstatic[…]

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