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Felix Marc “The 2012 Rehearsals”

  • Give back the moments (Rehearsal)

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      Give back the moments

      Things turned out the way you’ve planned them
      Once again
      ignored the signs and felt the flames
      I hated you
      for all the feelings that you’ve offerd
      So untrue – is what you are
      so give me back the moments

      I needed you
      looks of love had turned away
      I need you, too
      will you still be waiting for me
      I’m sorry, too
      that I had to leave your heart
      Alone – is what I feel
      so give me back the moments

      What’s the price of love
      Mourning – Mourning
      Who’s gonna heal the hearts
      Yourself – Yourself
      Give me back my life
      No way – No way
      Give me back the moments
      Too late – Too late

  • Modern Talking (Rehearsal)

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      Modern Talking

      The distance in your lines
      Between the words of solitude
      My inside hurt
      You need to read between the lines

      I try to life our lie
      Closest to extinction
      Without alert
      Everyday we try to pretend

      The misteries of life
      Will only come to certain people
      Who dare to look beyond
      The misteries of life
      Will only come to certain people
      Who dare to breathe in – to breathe out

      Now I can see
      And face reality
      Find truth, find peace
      My life’s a query

      It’s time to see
      And face reality
      why you, why we
      Play solitary

      You blinded me with light
      A beauty without meaning
      The fiction worked
      Until I opened up my eyes

      Betraying only once
      But never is forgotten
      A scream unheared
      It will remain inside of me

  • Parallel World (Rehearsal)

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      Parallel World

      The treason of lovers
      A reason for others
      To run and hide away

      The courage to distress
      A nightlife to assess
      Who was right anyway

      Leave a light on
      We’re living in a parallel world
      We’re living in this parallel dream
      And I want to know if there’s life on the other side
      So leave a light on
      I see you in your parallel world
      I feel you in my parallel dream
      And I want to know if there’s life on the other side

  • Belles (Rehearsal)

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      Belles (Surrender)

      You are on my mind while I’m out of it already
      Care for me and take me to the seaside

      I never saw a beauty
      Like you, shadow in despair
      Comfort my desire
      Pressurized beyond repair

      Hold me spell-bound
      In your dungeon I enbloom
      Call me in your garden
      Feed me fruits of distant doom

      I changed my clothes to please you
      I changed my mind to black
      And now I will surrender to you

      I changed my words to please you
      I changed my heart to black
      And now I will surrender to you

      Waiting for her flesh to burn
      Tangled in emotions
      Paralyzed and left to yearn

      For her breath to calm my sea
      Leave me twisted
      Leave me ship-wrecked endlessly

  • Ghost (Rehearsal)

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      Braindead – a state of mind
      Mindless – defeated and blind
      Weakness – a second in time
      Restless – to deal with the things you left behind

      Anger – a feeling besides
      Destruction – result to resign
      Counting – what’s left to achieve
      Counting – on what you really want to believe

      Erase the ghost from the past
      Make this moment count and last
      Look to the skies an endless galaxy of light is waiting

      Maybe the road is way too long
      And noone home when you return
      Your memories will mend the doubts and help you to move on now

      Your heart my source and stepping stone
      Your faith I lay my trust upon
      Conceive the future within seconds our time is fading

      Erase the ghost from the past
      Make this moment count and last
      Look to the skies an endless galaxy of light is waiting

  • Life is porn (Rehearsal)

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      Life is porn

      I’ve been running around
      Without a notice
      where I should turn, why I should learn
      all those new ways of thinking

      I stopped running around
      Before the breakdown
      Too much of them, Too little me
      Restructure priority

      Life is porn - Go fuck yourself
      Life is storm - Go shift yourself
      Life is torn - Go drown yourself
      Life is scorn - Go laugh at yourself

      I was wrong and in doubt
      Without a reason
      Trusting myself, Asking myself
      Is it worth to be fighting

      Someone else will come out
      And take on my place
      Life means to change, Life is so strange

  • Collector (Rehearsal)

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      Her beauty confuses me
      I couldn’t follow all her moods sometimes
      She is my secret guest

      I used to have daydreams about her
      But I can’t ever get to know her (in the ordinary way)
      Money lets you do whatever you want

      Life rejector
      Anti-life, anti-art, anti-everything
      the lonely wolf
      Why do you take all life out of life?

      Time in prison is endless time

      There was a silence I spoke as plain as words
      Away from night from what I want to be
      Awoke and found myself alone in this crypt
      Your love is desperately

      Have you ever had before a living beauty
      You’ve ended - You don’t even share it
      All alone you are and all alone you die
      I won’t give in - your love is just a lie

      You’ve pinned me in this little room
      I shan’t struggle – I’ll let you do what you like / is it day or night
      Trapped in this crypt
      Alive in the way that death is alive

      Having her was enough – nothing needed doing
      I’m waiting for you to do something
      All these people searching and we knowing the answer
      Why do you kill all the beauty?
      And I knew more and more I couldn’t let her go
      And noblesse oblige all over again

      Choose the common life
      Choose to be alive

      You’re so without mercy

  • Garden of light (Rehearsal)

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      The Garden of Light

      She breeds tumors in her backyard at night
      Hides from daylight and from curious eyes
      Beware of what you’re about to find
      Beware of secrets in your crooked mind

      And when the water started falling
      And washed away her sins
      Eternal voices calling
      From a battlefield within

      A place to hide your sorrow
      And find rescue at night
      I’ll be sleeping in her garden
      In her garden of light

These audio gems were lost and found on a random external drive. They were conducted and recorded on the fly with my band on a lonely Saturday evening in 2012 by Achim Welsch in a stuffy small cellar room north of Stuttgart, Germany. Formerly a decent local pub, now cradle of local sub culture, this room was granted to me by Achim for two rehearsal sessions. Preparing us for the first live show with my solo project in Moscow.
The band met here for the first time and started to rehearse the songs from zero. Each one doing the best he could. Giving the songs a whole new attitude. Making them something very special and unique.

Eternal thanks for going on this exceptional adventure trip together with me:

Marcus Perst (Dr. Drum) – Drums
Johannes Scherer (Jo Haynes) – Bass guitar
Zura (The Master of Interpretation) – Guitar
MyLucina – Guest Vocals on “Collector”
Achim Welsch (Wizard of Sound) – Sound recording

Felix Marc – Vocals, Composition, Mixing, Mastering

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