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Felix Marc “Pathways”

  • Give back the moments

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      Give back the moments

      Things turned out the way you’ve planned them
      Once again
      ignored the signs and felt the flames
      I hated you
      for all the feelings that you’ve offerd
      So untrue – is what you are
      so give me back the moments

      I needed you
      looks of love had turned away
      I need you, too
      will you still be waiting for me
      I’m sorry, too
      that I had to leave your heart
      Alone – is what I feel
      so give me back the moments

      What’s the price of love
      Mourning – Mourning
      Who’s gonna heal the hearts
      Yourself – Yourself
      Give me back my life
      No way – No way
      Give me back the moments
      Too late – Too late

  • A thorn inside my head

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      A thorn inside my head

      What is it I’m looking for
      In this foreign matrix
      It keeps my eye fixed

      Traced me down into its core
      How selfishly the time ticks
      Counting down quick

      Trust me – I have so much love to give
      Thrill me - The fear of disaster sleeps in these hands
      Maybe – We’ll cause destruction on our way
      Feel me – A night to forget the fate that we share
      Kill me – And place a thorn inside my head

      Caught between the barricades
      A heart-breaking correction
      Without deception

      Open-minded to the bone
      In stimulating action
      My last reflection

  • Follow the demons

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      Follow the demons

      Drop me a line
      Say that you’re mine
      And wait for me
      Down in the valley

      Once and for all
      I will recall
      The pleasure you bring
      All over my body

      So long ago
      You wanted to know
      And secrets were spilled
      Into the barley

      Now that you’re here
      Why should I care
      And follow the demons
      Back to the alley

      A heart without soul
      A mind full of gold
      A sin to ignore
      That every day is lost without you
      A world of your own
      A time so alone
      A place far away
      I’m lost without you every day

      Burned in my skin
      Incomparable sin
      Confession will drive me
      Into perdition

      Rest for a while
      Trust me and I
      Will show you the demons
      Back in the alley

  • Belles (Surrender)

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      Belles (Surrender)

      You are on my mind while I’m out of it already
      Care for me and take me to the seaside

      I never saw a beauty
      Like you, shadow in despair
      Comfort my desire
      Pressurized beyond repair

      Hold me spell-bound
      In your dungeon I enbloom
      Call me in your garden
      Feed me fruits of distant doom

      I changed my clothes to please you
      I changed my mind to black
      And now I will surrender to you

      I changed my words to please you
      I changed my heart to black
      And now I will surrender to you

      Waiting for her flesh to burn
      Tangled in emotions
      Paralyzed and left to yearn

      For her breath to calm my sea
      Leave me twisted
      Leave me ship-wrecked endlessly

  • Winterwalk

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      The night - There is no one around
      The wind - is blowing through my hair
      My senses - I feel your presence
      Your voice - seems so far away
      The trees - move gently with the wind
      The snow - innocent and peaceful
      My heart - warm and calm
      Your touch - soothing and longed for

      The sea - standing at the shore
      The gulls - gazing at this beauty
      My breath - exhale all my worries
      Your life - becomes my life
      The streets - wet from the rain, unpleasant
      The moon - so much brighter than the sun
      My light - will glow while you’re near
      Your eyes - the pool of my dreams

      Right into your arms –
      I want to fall with no one, With no one else but you.
      Right into your arms –
      I want to fall for no one, For no one else but you.

      The truth - is sometimes hard to accept
      Deception - almost unbearable
      My words - a promise forever?
      Your lies - will remain unheard
      The hurt - one in a million
      Failure - one in a million
      My strength - boundless since you
      Your lies - will remain unheard

      The crime - undo what has been done
      Tolerance - the only weapon I can offer
      My mutiny - will save a sinking ship
      Your mercy - I can count on
      The new - whatever comes tomorrow?
      My salvation - I will find in you
      Your mercy - I can count on

  • Separation

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      We used to say the world is in our hands
      Another crazy vision of romance
      The picture of our love will fall apart
      If you leave me now

      You said you couldn’t stay with me tonight
      Instead you turned around and walked away
      Take everything I have but promise me
      That you stay

      If you want to leave me now
      Just go and break my heart
      What will I do without your love
      I don’t want to let you go
      For it will break me heart
      What will I do without your love

      Just as my thoughts of love did pass you by
      You told me you need time on your own
      Don’t let it be the end of what we shared
      And come back to me

      All good things in life are doomed to end
      But I seem to fail to comprehend
      Maybe we can break the rule once more
      And forever

  • Back to life

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      Back to life

      Where have you been lately
      I haven’t heard from you in a long time
      Your voice sounds the same
      But what are these marks on your face?

      Drink up your glass of wine
      Let’s go for a ride – into the city
      With its shimmering lights
      Far beyond – your life awaits

      Distorted views of reality
      Have kept you awake all night
      Drown your fears in her chest
      Until the morning brakes

      This is your life – your love
      Embrace what you have – don’t stop
      One day breaks your mind – your heart
      Now it’s the time – restart
      This is what it feels like
      Coming back to life

      This is your life – your love
      Embrace what you have – don’t stop
      A new day awakes your heart
      This is the time to start
      This is what it feels like
      Coming back to life

  • Digital love

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      Digital Love

      Lips that never speak
      Lips that never lie
      Define the value
      Customize your love

      Hands that never touch
      Hands that never feel
      Define the distance
      Customize your love

      Everything is possible
      Select the option and confirm

      I’m your robot for emotions
      I’m your loveable machine
      No more conflicts
      It is programmed in my brain

      I’m the automatic lover
      I’m the picture in your frame
      No more pain just
      Two worlds mending
      All my circuits call your name

      Digital love – enter your password here
      Digital love – define a new world so clear
      Digital love – add me to your private space
      Digital love – a multi-human interface

      Eyes that never look
      Eyes that never watch
      Define the colours
      Customize your love

      Souls that never shine
      Souls that never fly
      Define the loneliness
      Customize your love

  • All the words (Catharsis)

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      All the words (Catharsis)

      I came to count the failures
      My life is in a mess
      Call me mad and selfish
      I am ready to confess

      I tried to avoid it
      But I cannot feel a thing
      Tell me what to do now
      (Tell me) what you feel within

      Your words and lies
      Done me wrong again
      Look in these eyes
      Too blind to see a friend
      Where are you now
      Where are you now that I need you most
      Look in these eyes
      All will be fading soon

      Way too many disruptions
      Will cause a man to fall
      Hear my final statement
      And how the lost souls call

      All the words for nothing
      We are better off alone
      Leave me in the gutter
      Before you’re driving home

  • Sweet dancer

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      Sweet Dancer

      The girl goes dancing there
      On the leaf-sown, new-mown, smooth
      Grass plot of the garden;
      Escaped from bitter youth,
      Escaped out of her crowd,
      Or out of her black cloud.
      Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!

      If strange men come from the house
      To lead her away, do not say
      That she is happy being crazy;
      Lead them gently astray;
      Let her finish her dance,
      Let her finish her dance.
      Ah, dancer, ah, sweet dancer!

  • Control

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      Was it all for one
      Or was it one for all
      Is it something I can control

      Do you now my life
      Would you go my way
      Or would you simply walk away

      Is this worth the fight
      Could this be the night
      I’ve been waiting for

      Was it all for one
      Or was it one for all
      Is this something I can control

      Theories of life
      Metaphors to store
      Empty words without a soul

      So carry your adivse
      Sacred words to call
      Your casualties will need them all

  • Pathway

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      Lend me your fields of thoughts
      And I will harvest all I can
      To turn the seasons into years
      Before the winter steals it all

      I know a pathway we can go
      Follow the barely growing trees
      Linger in light-flodded glades
      Testified emotions departing

      This will be the end indeed
      See these hands
      Come pull me out of here
      Where is the light we seek
      We stole the fire
      From the hands of time

      And as we struggle on and on
      Blind and hopelessly depressed
      Fading substance passing by
      Captivated moments endorsing

The works on my first own album gave me the possibility to compile songs that reflected my creations during 10 years; ever since I started to write my own compositions. So it turned out much like an autobiography.
A pathway to myself. A pathway into my past.

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